i need to get off my lazy butt and scan some sketchbooks. hgnn nooooo

atrialkick: Hi! I saw your ffxiv commission on deviantart and I was wondering if you were still taking commissions? Your drawings are so lovely!

Ahh hi!! Yes thankyou so much. ;w; I am still accepting commissions og both the ffxiv and non ff variety!! I accept Gil and my prices range from 250k and upward (trying to raise for housing) and I can also accept cash! I play on Balmung too, probably should add that in there. c:

Anonymous: why not buy from marshall farms again?did your ferret come with a disease from them? Im reallysorry about your loss

My first ferret was from a private breeder and he lived until he was 12, only dying from a fatal accident due to a roommate. Currently my two I have are Marshall Farms ferrets which you get from Petco or the like. They’re practically a puppy mill I suppose, with inbreeding. Both Ophelia and Vincent were deaf which is common among their ferrets and both are about six years old. Vincent developed insulnemia, a tumor in his pancreas that made him over produce insulin. He would have attacks where he would go limp and drool until we forced karo syrup and prednisone down his throat. But last week he had a full blow seizure. The sugar still helped him recover but like, I know the breeder farms can’t all be to blame but Ophelia who is also six is also sick now too, and is losing all her hair rapidly and weight which is a sign of adrenal issues. It just seems so coincidental that its turned me off from them and in the future ill choose a private breeder. I only say stay away because I’ve heard similar stories from other fuzzie owners and I’d hate to see anyone go through the pain of falling in love with such a trusting, adoring, sweet creature only to watch it go through the things I’ve seen.

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